Preview – You Cannot Purchase This One – Verus Self Sovereign – Physical NFT, 3 VerusIDs + 1oz .999 Fine Gold Coin


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This is a limited-time collector’s edition pre-sale item which will take 6 to 8 weeks+ to arrive.

Please read everything it’s very important!

Worldwide shipping is available by UPS. The shipping price displayed on the checkout page includes insurance and an adult signature is required.

**All profit will be donated to The Verus Coin Foundation.

**These VerusID enabled, physical gold NFTs with 2D and 3D digital twin art are the first NFTs of their kind! All Verus Self Sovereigns have the NFT primary identity laser inscribed on the edge, and the Verus Gold Self Sovereigns also have an inscription of the primary shared identity, or DAO, which is jointly owned and controlled by all owners of the exclusive 25 coins in this run of NFTs, enabling shared control of the DAO identity and its revocation/recovery authority by majority signature. What the owners of these Verus Gold NFTs do or do not do with the shared DAO is completely up to them, but if they are inspired, the Verus Coin Foundation welcomes them to propose a meaningful effort relating to Verus in some way to fund as either a venture, public, or community good.

**Each NFT comes with 3 VerusIDs, a primary ID, which is what you use to spend or sign on behalf of this NFT to prove that you control it, a revocation ID, which you can keep in a safe place and use to revoke your ID in case your primary key(s) are lost or stolen, and the recovery ID, which is able to completely recover a revoked VerusID and all of its belongings and funds. Your gold NFT comes locked and does not include any VRSC cryptocurrency. To complete your Verus Physical Gold NFT, we recommend that you send one transaction of 1000 VRSC onto the ID of your coin, which is completely self-sovereign and under full control of the public keys you provide when ordering, no one else. Because the identity of your coin comes locked, the 1000 coins you load into the NFT cannot be spend from the coin, but they can be used for staking, as normal. Don’t worry, you can still spend the coins if you really need to by revoking and recovering the primary identity, which you are able to do with the wallet that controls the revocation and recovery authorities, but we suspect that the collector’s value of these NFTs will be highest if the coins remain unmoved. In any case, if you ever decide to part with your Verus gold Self Sovereign, you can always top up the identity before transferring the revocation and recovery IDs to its next owner.

**In addition to the NFT and 3 fully configured identities being digitally bound to the physical object and provably unique upon transfer, Verus Gold Self Sovereigns connect you as anonymously / pseudonymously as you’d like to other owners of the Verus Gold self sovereigns of a particular run of these NFTs. In 2021, Verus Gear expects to produce and release two runs of 25 Verus Gold Self Sovereigns, the first being “Original Gold DAO@”, and the second being “Gold DAO 2021@”. We have secured “Gold DAO 2022@”, 2023, etc., and look forward to auctioning an exclusive, limited run of Verus Gold Self Sovereigns each year in the coming years.


**Choose three names and you will need to provide three separate transparent address which will act as the controlling address for the VerusID’s.

**Please double check that the address you enter is correct. THERE IS NO WAY TO FIX AN ERROR IN YOUR ID ONCE THE COIN IS MADE

**A prefix will be added to the front or the back of the VerusID names.

**You will need to provide private address for the primary NFT ID and another one for the shared ID.

**For maximum privacy, every address should be new and unique from the others, including private addresses.


**This presale includes a 30 mm diameter proof like 1oz .999 Gold coin and will also include 3 VerusID’s (Standard cost is 100 VRSC each), 1 3D digital NFT of the coin, wooden coin holder, + collectors edition limited run t-shirt, hat, mug and one or two more surprise items featuring the gold coin rendition only available to the purchasers of the coins.

**Shipping is not included for the collectors edition merchandise and will require a second check out after you receive a coupon voucher e-mailed to you in about a week after the close of the pre-sale for the gear.

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